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  • Ivan Bahia Guide walking in Chapada Diamantina - Vale do Capão

    Chapada Diamantina Vale do Capão.

  • Ivan Bahia Guide walking in Chapada Diamantina - mount Pai Inaçio

    Chapada Diamantina view from Mount Pai Inacio.

  • Ivan Bahia Guide walking in Chapada Diamantina - amazing walk sites

    Amazing walks in the National Park.

  • Ivan Bahia Guide aphrodisiac beach table

    Want a private table on an aphrodisiac beach ? We've reserved one for you!

  • Ivan Bahia Guide in Salvador, Monte Serrat Monastery

    Monte Serrat abbey at the Punta da Humaita.

  • Ivan Bahia Guide traditional Saveiro sailships in the Recôncavo Baiano

    Traditional Saveiro sailships.

Ivan Bahia Guide - Candomblé Religioin

Day-tours, complete voyages, workshops for photographers, translation services, and airport transfers available.

I am available for all your (personalized) travel needs and wishes in Salvador and/or Bahia.
You can choose for :
- a day-tour;
- a multiple-day-tour / trekking in Chapada Diamantina;
- specific tranportations
- ALL-IN holiday packs with everything organized for you;

At those times where one needs an interpreter for business or research purposes, I come highly recommended.

Having regular experience in accompanying (fellow) photographers you can dispose of helpful advice in choosing specific locations.

All my travellers can also rely on a punctual AIRPORT transfer service.

Generally I take on individuals, couples (possibly with their toddler or youngsters) or groups (till 14 persons).


Ivan Bahia Guide - Chapada Diamantina national Park panel

Enjoy the amazing nature in the mountains of National Park Chapada Diamantina .

Chapada Diamantina is a 1,520 km² large national park in the center of the State of Bahia (NE Brazil), and is also refered to as the "Brazilian Grand Canyon".
This park is located about 450 kilometers West from Salvador.
With me you will discover the absolutely overwhelming views of this National Park in a different way. Adapted to your wishes with - day-tours or trekkings - you will discover loads of amazing natural spots, at your tempo.

Ivan Bahia Guide relaxing on a tropical beach

Travel safe and relaxed, to enjoy the holidays of your life.

For a year you have worked hard and now really have deserved your holidays. I will make sure you get what you've earned : a tropically relaxed and safe stay in Bahia, with no fuzz and, everything efficiently organised for you !

Have your driver available 24/7, speaking your language and providing an executive transfer-service throughout the whole of Bahia.

I am also specialized in transportation logistics for tourism and research allover Bahia with a high level of efficiency, knowing to meet with any type of personal transportation needs, in a flexible AND punctual way.

Visit my airport/hotel TRANSPORTATION PAGE now.


About Ivan Salvador Guide

Hi, I am Ivan RT. Xanthes, a Belgian expat living in Bahia - Brazil for a decade now.
After completing the "Curso Tecnico de Guia de Turismo" at the National SENAC institute, I registered as an official tourguide in Salvador, Bahia and Chapada Diamantina.

Exclusively for you I developed a new and relaxing way of travelling, to discover the best of Bahia.

My mission :
- taking you around to the nicest spots in Salvador;
- teach you our cultural heritage;
- letting you meet with the daily life of locals;
- savour exotic African influenced etno-gastronomy;
- mesmorize you with the mysterious Candomblé;
- show the best of the Chapada Diamantina park;
- have you relax at some aphrodisiac beaches;

If needed I can host you at a fine selection of hotels / pousada’s / hostels or an appartment adapted to your budget here in Salvador.
On my multiple-day-tours all accommodations and breakfasts are included in the package prices.
Whilst trekking in the mountains all meals are provided. Sleeping bags / tents are available for free if necessary.


Why use my services ?


Being efficient and flexible at all times,
I always keep your preferences in mind.
My tours can be adapted to your daily wishes or physical condition, and change whenever you would like it.

All my day-TRIPS or ALL-IN-packs can be customized to your needs.

I offer durable travelling, as your guide (and driver) speaking fluent English, Dutch, French, German and Portuguese. Whenever possible I will carefully avoid the classical beaten tourist tracks.

If you would prefer renting your own car I am gladly available as your personal guide.

Working on a small scale without employees or agencies my prices are VERY competitive whilst there is no real comparable offering at the local tourist scene here in Bahia.
Easy payment facilities, such as banktransfer in € (euros), PayPal in R$ (Brazilian reais) or Visa & Mastercard, are available.


I will be touring with you and your family exclusively, so you may enjoy all my attention and care.
My availability is complete - 24/7 - during your whole stay in Bahia.

send mail to

Please feel free to get in touch with me - at any time - if you want any information or a quote about your visit to the most beautifull region of Brazil.
Generally I answer emails within a few hours but sometimes my reply could take a day or two whilst I am trekking off the grid in the National Park.


I do have many positive reviews . You could google that or directly have a look at a TRIPADVISOR-resume - HERE - for some respectful reviews coming from your other travellers.

Thanks to my hard work and the appreciations of my clients I have built an excellent reputation AND that keeps me thriving and loving my job ... each and every day again!

Tropical greetings from Salvador da Bahia,



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