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    Kind of cookery you'll be in to.

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    My favorite hot chile supplier at Mercado Sõ Joachim .

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    On this market you will find all types of hot chilies.

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    Mmmmm ... this is the kind of meal you will enjoy after the cooking.

Contact us NOW, via WHATSAPP, to check our availability for your culinairy lesson "Cooking Moqueca" tomorrow !

Are you in for some personal experience and participating in the real life of local Baiano's ?

Would you like to learn some culinary Bahian tricks ?

You've just reached the right spot !

The moqueca is the perfect example of the ethnic-gastronomy from Bahia, your personal Chef will learn you how to cook it yourself !

Today's lunch will need your input.
First we go to the famous Mercado São Joachim to buy our ingredients, afterwards you will learn the art of cooking your very own Moqueca de Peixe, the typical fish stew of Bahia !

Practically, we meet around 9AM at a point of your choice in the Historical City Center Pelourinho, from where we walk to the Cidade Baixa and buy today's lunch ingrediënts.
Then go to your CHef's kitchen to cook AND eat with pleasure.

So, first we go to this popular (and gigantic) Mercado São Joachim to buy all the necessary vegetables and spices we need. It will also be a nice opportunity for you to mingle with locals and see how their daily life comes around here in Salvador da Bahia.

Then, last but not least, we'll go the the Fish-market to buy fresh fish and seafood.

To cook a typical Bahian Moqueca you basically could use whatever protein as main ingredient.
But, being here in Salvador da Bahia, and having all possible kinds of seafood and fish available, we will concentrate to make a typical "Moqueca de Peixe" (fish stew) with the specific side dishes.

Some of the other necessary ingredients are the famous bahian palm-oil (”azeite de dende”), a zest of lemon, tomato ... and of corse each Chef has some secret ingredients to make his/her dishes outstanding ... we'll gladly teach you some ;-)

After cooking we deserve to enjoy our cooking experiments.

Bom apetite !

Salvador CARNIVAL 2017

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Enjoy prime quality CARNIVAL-service

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